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Spiral- tunnel- IQF- flow- blast- plate & belt freezers

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Description / remarks:  Used and in condition as new, Frigoscandia spiral freezer model Gyrocompact GCM 76-10-22-10-NN-DE-CCR with a product capacity that depends on the product data (based on muffins with an in feed temperature of +25°C and -18°C out, the freeze down capacity is ± 1300 kg/h). Specifications: infeed/outfeed: North/North, infeed above and outfeed below, infeed height 2685mm, outfeed height 925mm, direction of rotation of the belt: anti-clockwise, gross belt width: 760mm, max. product height: 85 mm, number of tiers: 22 (13,1 meter per tier = 288 meter net belt length and 22x 7,7m² = 169,4 m² belt surface). Furthermore this almost new spiral freezer is equipped with ADF defrost system which makes it possible that this freezer can run production 22 hours continuously without production stop. Also delivered: RVS switch-board with Siemens PLC. Order nr. Frigoscandia: O. 1200002/2730018. Spiral freezer is delivered without panels/housing (if desired this can be provided by our company).

Cooling capacity:
140 kW/41 tons
Number of cooling circuits:
Type of refrigerant:
NH3 Ammonia/Freon Pomp
Absorbed power:
38-49 kW
Year of Manufacture:
Dimensions (LxWxH):
860 x 480 x 321 cm
Comron Used To Cool