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Complete cooling & freezing installations

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Description / remarks:  Used, very well maintained, complete Gram/Frick freeze storage pump NH³ Ammonia installation, complete with all TüV certificates, consisting of the following main components: 2x low pressure Frick screw package type TDSH 233S, type package GSVII 147 year 2003, Leroy Somer E-motors 90 kW each, Grammatic 1502/Cellmatic controllers (cooling capacity at -40° -12°C condensing temp is 600 kW), 2x high pressure Frick screw package type TDSH 163L type package GSVII-64, year 2003, Leroy Somer E-motors 160 kW each, Grammatic/Cellmatic controllers (cooling capacity at -12°/+42°C condensing temp. is 750 kW). All screwpackages are equipped with water/glycol oil coolers by means of an air-cooled condenser. Switch-board with Siemens S7 control. Low pressure -40°C and intermediate pressure separator -12°C brand Stahlbau in combination with -40°C 4800 Ltr 3600 Ltr equipped with 2 Hermetic cam 2/3 1.5 kW motor 2x Güntner AGV-H10132x5S (D) 410 kW +42°C per condenser, oli cooler Güntner GFH091B/3L-4FS (water glycol).

Cooling capacity:
600 kW/176 tons
Type of refrigerant:
380 V
Absorbed power:
500 kW
Year of Manufacture:
1998 / 2003
Comron Used To Cool