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Complete cooling & freezing installations


Description / remarks:  Used and in good condition, complete Gram/Frick industrial NH3 ammonia low temperature storage freeze/cooling pump installation, complete with all TüV certificates, consisting of the following main components: 2x low pressure Frick (booster) screw package type GSV263, year 1991/1992 with each 160 kW Loher E-motor, cooling capacity -40°/-9°C = 1150 kW, 2x high pressure Frick screw package: 1x GSV 147 year 1998 and 1x GSVIII year 2007 with 1 Schorch 315kW E-motor of year 2002 and 1 Schorch 250kW E-motor of year 2007, cooling capacity -9/+35°C= 1775 kW. All screw packages are equipped with water/glycol oil coolers by means of an air-cooled Güntner condenser, switch-board, low pressure separator -40°C 31000 liter, intercooler separator -9°C 12000 Liter and two smaller intercooler separators ± 5000 Liter, Witt semi-hermetic NH3 liquid pumps, Evapco LSCA620 and Baltimore VXC288 evaporative condensers. This installation can be delivered complete with storage freeze evaporators for a big cold storage warehouse in combination with for example a flow freezer or a spiral freezer.

Cooling capacity:
1300 kW/382 tons
Type of refrigerant:
NH3 Ammonia
400 V
Absorbed power:
800 kW
Year of Manufacture:
Comron Used To Cool