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Complete cooling & freezing installations

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Description / remarks:  Used and in very well maintained condition: complete Bitzer freeze-pump installation consisting of the following main components: 1 frame with 2x Bitzer OSNA 461 open screw compressors, suitable for Freon/NH3 witth each a 45kW Leroy Somer E-motor, central horizontal oil separator, vertical open intercooler 0,3m³ with high/low pressure floater and switch-board, built on a frame, horizontal low pressure separator 1m³ Ø 700mm length 2500mm with 2 Hermetic liquid pumps (separator capacity with Freon is approx. 130kW at -40°C and 160kW with refrigerant NH3), air-cooled condenser and/or evaporative condenser. Mentioned cooling capacity is with refrigerant NH3 at -40°C evaporating and +35°C condensing temperature. Cooling capacity with refrigerant R507 at -40°C evaporating temperature and +40°C condensing temp. is 110kW.

Cooling capacity:
80 kW/24 tons
Number of cooling circuits:
Type of refrigerant:
Freon / NH3
400 V
Absorbed power:
90 kW
Year of Manufacture:
Comron Used To Cool