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Description / remarks:  Used and in very good condition (no scale on the plastic fill packings): Baltimore open cooling tower model VTL-137 MR, serial number 00-0762/3/4 H equipped with two stage ventilator motor 18.5/4.5 kW designed for application with external reservoir. If desired we can deliver this cooling tower with water pump and water floater. Mentioned capacity is at a water inlet temperature of +28°C and +23°C water outlet temperature, 25.1 litres/second at a wet bulb temperature of +18°C.

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Cooling capacity:
527 kW/155 tons
Type of refrigerant:
400 V
Absorbed power:
18,5 kW
Year of Manufacture:
Dimensions (LxWxH):
500 x 125 x 250 cm
Weight (kg):
2500 kg
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