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Freeze / cold rooms and Freeze / cold room installations

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Description / remarks:  Used, very special low temperature storage/freeze installation -55°C (cascade system), consisting of a cascade central compressor unit with one semi-hermetic DWM low pressure compressor, working refrigerant R23, evaporating temperature -65°C and two semi-hermetic high pressure compressors working with refrigerant R404A evaporating temperature -30°C, two Helpman low temperature evaporators with electrical defrost 10.400m³/h each, 2 ventilators 750W, dimensions 210x110x70cm, weight 110kg. For the production room (sluice) -20°C that is situated in front of the storage/freeze room of the -55°C room a Helpman double sided blowing evaporator will be placed with a freeze capacity of 28kW at an evaporating temperature of -30°C with electrical defrost 5400m³/h, 1 ventilator, 250W, dimensions 150x170x50cm, weight 150kg. Further this installation is equipped with a Helpman air-cooled condenser with copper/seawater resistant fin coils and switch-board, under-pressure and over-pressure valves.

Cooling capacity:
14 kW/4 tons
Type of refrigerant:
R404A + R23
Year of Manufacture:
Comron Used To Cool