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Testing of the chiller in our testcenter
1.Testing of the chiller in our testcenter 3.Testing of the chiller in our testcenter 4.Testing of the chiller in our testcenter 5.Testing of the chiller in our testcenter
CityAvrille Cedex
CompanyClimarent, realized in 2006

Carrier water chiller

Through a French rental company we delivered a Carrier 30HT320A water-cooled chiller to a pharmaceutical company. They requested us to deliver a chiller with a glycol/water outlet temperature of -22°C. We selected a chiller from our stock which was capable to work with low suction pressure temperatures. Capacity of this chiller at water outlet temperature of +6°C is 1029 kW, but with -22°C glycol outlet the capacity drops to 300 kW. We have made some adjustments: new conventional expansion valves (instead of electronic expansion valves) and a new Johnson Controls capacity step controller. The original Carrier controller was limited to -15°C. After modifying the chiller we tested the chiller in our testing facility. ** In our testing facility we can test water- and air-cooled chillers up to approx. 1200 kW.

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