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CompanyYalo Food, realized in 2007

IQF Flow freezer

End of 2006 Comron received an order for the delivery of a used Lewis IQF tunnel (overhauled) with a capacity of about 3 ton/hr for our customer Yalo Food in Turkey. The Lewis tunnel had to be connected to the existing ammonia plant, where already a Frigoscandia IQF, two big cold stores, two smaller blast freezers and some chill stores where connected. The existing plant had some over-capacity, but surely not enough for another 300 kW at -40°C for the Lewis tunnel. So we made some adjustments to the original ammonia plant, for instance we added two never used Howden XRV compressors from 1998, a used low stage liquid separator (8 m³), one big evaporating condenser type VXC 450R (±1800 kW) for the complete plant and a control/switch board. The machines and switch boards were built and/or revised in our workshop, so the equipment was easy to install in Turkey. Comron took care of the complete engineering and supervision during erection of the equipment. The complete plant was in running operation by the end of April 2007.

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