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CompanyEngro Food, realized in 2007

Industrial ice bank (ice water) installation

Via a Dutch business relation of Comron, we delivered an ice buffer system complete with an overhauled ammonia-plant to a Pakistani company. The ice banks are going to be used for the cooling of milk after the milk has been pasteurized. Engineering of the complete installation was done by Comron. The three Grasso RC611 compressor units and liquid separator tank are completely overhauled and new insulation with aluminum Stuco was placed around the tank. The plant is controlled by a PLC of Allen Bradley. Comron wrote the complete system logic control, but the switchboard and PLC was built by our business relation. Comron has designed the plant in such a way that the customer could easily set up the installation himself. Buffer capacity of these ice buffers is about 8,4 Mega Watt and the cooling capacity of the compressors is about 1.600 kW.

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