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Sabroe SAB 163 (click on photo)
1.Sabroe SAB 163 (click on photo) 3.Sabroe SAB 163 (click on photo) 4.Sabroe SAB 163 (click on photo) 5.Sabroe SAB 163 (click on photo)
CompanySachem Europe B.V.

Industrial water chiller

As the existing water/glycol installations (outlet temperature -18°C) became out of date and also because the chemical company Sachem Europe wanted to increase the productive capacity, the existing installations had to be replaced. At first Sachem wanted to buy two used, overhauled installations, but as we had only one used installation in stock at that time, we offered a new installation as alternative. After a long route with offers from many competitors Sachem finally chose Comron International to do the job. Mid 2007 we received the order: firstly the existing Sabroe SAB 128 had to be replaced and afterwards the existing Grasso RC 611 glycol/water installation. The Sabroe installation is now replaced by a used, completely overhauled Sabroe SAB 163 screw package chiller with a larger capacity (330kW) than the previous one and the Grasso is replaced by a new Bitzer water/glycol installation with three screw compressors of which one is frequency controlled.

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