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CitySlupca (Poznan)
CompanyKonspol Holding, realized in 2008

Kerry double spiral freezer

A new customer in Poland, Konspol Holding, active in the chicken processing, asked us to make an offer for a machine which can both cool and freeze complete chicken. We had the right machine in stock: a Kerry double spiral freezer with much space between the tiers and a lot a belt length which is necessary for such a voluminous product as a complete chicken. A whole chicken needs a long time to cool & freeze and because of the extra long belt the chicken can stay longer in the spiral cooler/ freezer. When Konspol was about to place the order, they expected from Comron that the spiral freezer should be ready for transport to Poland within six weeks. The total time between the placing of the order until the moment of the spiral freezer going into operation would be three months. We have built up the spiral completely in our workshop and it was checked totally: the worn-out bearings were replaced, new wear strips were placed, further we mounted a new belt of 360 meter and two new drive chains. We delivered as ammonia cooling installation (capacity of 340kW at -40°/+35°C) a Frigoscandia Frigopack with Grasso screw compressor (year 2000), a Baltimore condenser and a Grasso low pressure separator. De PLC control of the Frigopack has been adjusted by us in order to communicate with the Kerry spiral. The complete draft (including the drawings) of the cooling installation was done by Comron and the spiral freezer and cooling installation were built up under our supervision in Poland.

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