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CompanyN. Vriesekoop B.V., realized in 2009

York spiral freezer

A Dutch poultry processing company wanted to increase its production capacity and was looking for a good and reasonably priced solution. This company formerly used a nitrogen freezer to quick-freeze the chicken fillets. As this is a fairly expensive concept, the company approached Comron to find the right solution. Firstly a York spiral freezer with a NH3 (ammonia) was proposed, but considering the legislation and strict rules for ammonia installations, the customer preferred a cooling installation with the environment-friendly refrigerant R507A. In the end an agreement was reached to the delivery of the following spiral freezer with matching cooling installation: a York S-series spiral freezer, equipped with five high pressure fans, suitable to freeze a maximum of 3000 kg of chicken fillets per hour; a Mycom compressor installation was selected with a cooling capacity of 450kW at -40°/+35°C, consisting of two overhauled screw compressors, a Baltimore evaporating condenser, a by Comron custom-made switch-/control board and the necessary tanks. The spiral was built up for the greater part in our workshop and the worn-out bearings were replaced, new wear strips were placed and a completely new belt of 275 meter was mounted. The installation was put into operation in September 2009.

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