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Carrier watercooled water chiller
1.Carrier watercooled water chiller 2.Carrier watercooled water chiller 4.Carrier watercooled water chiller
CitySt. Petersburg
CompanyChicken slaughterhouse

Carrier watercooled water chiller

For a chicken slaughterhouse in St. Petersburg in Russia we supplied the cooling for a spin-chiller by means of a Carrier watercooled water chiller. In the spin-chiller the chickens are cooled down from +35°C to approx. +12°C. The waterchiller is equipped with five 6-cylinder reciprocating compressors, resulting in five capacity steps. These capacity steps are controlled by the stepcontroller of the chiller in such a way that always the right capacity is chosen. For this system we not only delivered a chiller, but also the cooling water pump, the cold water pump and the required valves and flow regulating valves.

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