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Spiral cooler
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Spiral cooler

For a well-known Dutch manufacturer of cheese products Comron International found a suitable solution to cool in-line warm, packed cheese products. For this purpose we have adjusted a used standard spiral freezer, brand: MATAL/GEA, type: SFM 61-14.70.HL, and made suitable as spiral cooler. The machine was completely built up at Comron in the factory and provided with a new stainless steel switch-board with new PLC/touch screen, new plastic guiding rails and a complete overhaul of the gear boxes. For the cooling of this spiral cooler we have chosen an air-cooled Trane water chiller with buffer tank for outside placing with water/glycol as refrigerant for an outlet temperature of -3°C. Comron did the complete engineering, drawings in AutoCAD, such as for instance the water flow diagram and the installation was designed in such a way that the customer could easily install the spiral cooler/ refrigeration installation under supervision of Comron International. The installation was taken into production during the summer of 2015.

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