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Heinen Spiral Freezer
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CompanyUnique Poultry International

Heinen Spiral Freezer

Comron International received an order in early 2018 from a customer of Comron International (chicken meat producer) whom is active in several countries in Eastern Europe / Middle East to deliver an used Heinen Spiral Freezer type SF 9.1 / 7.6-11-28 SX for freezing whole chickens and chicken’s parts with a maximum freezing capacity of approx. 4.000 kg / h. As you can see on the pictures and video, the complete spiral freezer built up and overhauled at Comron International’s facility. Switch board cabinet has been supplied with new wiring and equipped with a Siemens S7 PLC / touch screen with new software supplied by Comron International, drive technology has supplied with new oil. Spiral Freezer will be completely dismantled in mid-September and it will be prepared for transport to Pakistan. The Spiral Freezer will be put into operation in the beginning of 2019 by the local contractor under the supervision of Comron International.

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