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Spiral- tunnel- IQF- flow- blast- plate & belt freezers

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Description / remarks: 

Used Flow Freezer: brand GEA/Aerofreeze type A-series 8AB-6C-SD (manufactured in Canada) with a freezing capacity of 7.500kg/h based on green peas (we can also calculate this for you for another type of product). This literally in condition as new flow freezer (only 1 year in operation) is very suitable for freezing of all vegetables and fruit products, French fries, shrimps, etc. Specifications of this used flow freezer:

  • Housing/panels modular are completely (inside/outside) made of stainless steel type SS304 and fully welded (food save)
  • Stainless steel infeed shaker
  • Stainless steel platform with stainless steel ladder
  • Stainless steel two-stage belt system type B72-24-16, which works as follows: two separate plastic belts run into the tunnel in line after each other with a pre-freeze section where the products are slightly frozen on the outside, then the products go to the after-freeze section (2nd belt), where the products are frozen into the core up to a minimum temperature of -18°C
  • 6 pieces stainless steel Goedhart freezing evaporators (CE approved) each with 2 high pressure ventilators each 11,2kW
  • Continuous automatic defrost system (hot gas) which can be used for 24 hours if desired
  • Vibrating motors on the pre-freeze section
  • Stainless steel switch box with Mitsubishi / coloured touchscreen / PLC
  • All required PED pressure certificates

Flow freezer will be completely checked by Comron International after sale in case of mechanical/electrical defects. The gearboxes will be supplied with new oil, the evaporator blocks will be tested on nitrogen pressure and the flow freezer will be delivered with a 3 months guarantee on the main components.

Cooling capacity:
942 kW/277 tons
Type of refrigerant:
400 V
Max. current:
460 Amp.
Absorbed power:
185 kW
Year of Manufacture:
Dimensions (LxWxH):
1123 x 655 x 526 cm
Weight (kg):
30.000 kg
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