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Spiral- tunnel- IQF- flow- blast- plate & belt freezers

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Description / remarks:  Used en in a very good maintained condition: Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT Spiral Freezer type GCP42-04-49-09-NN-ADF built in an isolated container (fully wired) with a product freezing capacity of max. 1000kg/h which depends on product data. Specifications of this spiral freezer: North/North configuration, 49 tiers, effective belt width of 375 mm, maximum product height of 25 mm, total belt length of 333m, total belt surface of 103m², large 900cm3 evaporator for Freon Ammonia pump circulation with ADF defrost system, as a result of which, if desired, this spiral freezer can be run for 22 hours continuously, and belt wash installation, stainless steel control box with new Siemens PLC / touchscreen will be supplied by Comron International. If desired, we can delivered this spiral freezer with an original Bitzer freeze installation which works with the refrigerant R507. See technical description below: Used and in very good condition completely overhauled in 2013 at Comron and control box is equipped the with new wiring and new PLC / touchscreen / software. Bitzer freeze pump installation built in a container and it is equipped with the following main components: 3x open Bitzer OSN 7461 screw compressors built on a frame with each of 55kW E-motor, horizontal oil separator, high pressure liquid tank with floater to the low pressure surge drum -40°C, 2 pieces Hermetic liquid pumps, closed intercooler coupled to the eco of the compressors, Switch-board with step controller and set point switch for cooling or freezing, Güntner condenser. Cooling capacity of this freeze pump installation with the refrigerant R507 at a evaporating temperature of -40°C and condensing temperature of +35°C is 165kW. Absorbed power is 144kW.

Cooling capacity:
120 kW/35.29 tons
Type of refrigerant:
Freon / R507 ammonia pomp
400 V
Absorbed power:
30 kW
Building Year:
Dimensions (LxWxH):
600 x 300 x 300 cm
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