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Spiral- tunnel- IQF- flow- blast- plate & belt freezers

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Description / remarks:  Used Spiral Freezer: brand Starfrost Helix, type 85-40RR-28.5. This is in very good condition and fully of stainless steel spiral freezer has a production capacity of approx.. 2.650kg/h with an input temperature of 90°C and output temperature of 0°C in the core which depends on the type of product on base of quiche (bacon, sausage and tomato). Capacity with a core temperature of -18°C is 2.200kg/h, depending on the type of product. Specifications of this used spiral freezer: infeed / outfeed: North/North(if desired, we can delivery it with a North/South configuration), direction of rotation of the belt: counter clockwise, gross belt width: 1016mm / net belt width: 991mm, maximum product height: 50mm, type pf belt: plastic intralox polypropylene (blue serial), number of tiers: 28,5 pieces, drum diameter: 2083mm, effective belt length: 280m(on the outside radius of the belt), belt surface: 275m2, adjustable band speed: 40m/120min., direct drum drive, input height 900mm from the floor outside, output height 4250mm from the floor outside, standing Goedhart freeze evaporator fully of stainless steel for pump circulation with electrical defrost or hot gas of your choice, 3 pieces high pressure ventilators each of 15kW, Siemens S7/touchscreen supplied by Comron BV, original stainless steel floor, complete CIP cleaning system built in a stainless steel casing with Grundfos high pressure water pump. Spiral freezer will be delivered without panels/housing( If desired this can be arranged by Comron International BV).

Cooling capacity:
270 kW/79 tons
Type of refrigerant:
R717/Ammonia Pump
400 V
Absorbed power:
51 kW
Year of Manufacture:
Dimensions (LxWxH):
842 x 575 x 479 cm (behuizing/casing) cm
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