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Spiral- tunnel- IQF- flow- blast- plate & belt freezers

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Description / remarks:  Used Spiral Freezer: Frigoiscandia/JBT GYRoCOMPACT type M10/3+1-08-30-27+9-NW-CR-SD. This spiral freezer was always maintained by JBT/Frigoscandia through a maintenance contract (37000 operating hours), in really super condition and it made for freezing approx. 3.000kg/h of dough products from an input temperature of +25°C to a core temperature of -18°C. With this spiral freezer, it is possible to use the 4th extra evaporator that is normally in stand-by position (sequence defrosting) for extra cooling capacity (520kW) to reach a freezing capacity of 4.000kg/h of products, depending on product data. Specifications of this spiral freezer are : infeed / outfeed: North/West (if desired, we can deliver it in North/North configuration), direction of rotation of the belt: clockwise, gross belt width: 1070mm, net belt width: 1040mm, maximum product height 65mm, number of tiers: 30 (17,5m2 per tire = 525m2 total belt surface), belt length: 615m, Furthermore, this spiral freezer is equipped with stainless steel switch box with all necessary frequency controllers, Relais and Siemens S7 PLC touchscreen control, Frigoscandia CIP cleaning system, 4 galvanized evaporators with a maximum operating pressure 75 bar, suitable for CO2/ammonia, block volume 513L/each: 3 rotating evaporators and one in defrost cycle (sequence defrost) that can be used to run 48 hours of production if desired. Spiral freezer will be delivered without panels/housing and isolated floor (if desired this can be arranged by Comron International BV). In additional, the spiral freezer will be supplied with original books and in AutoCad the drawings for de housing and floor. Note: evaporators will be delivered with original pressure certificate.

Cooling capacity:
390 kW/115 tons
Type of refrigerant:
CO2/R717 Ammonia
400 V
Absorbed power:
99 kW
Year of Manufacture:
Dimensions (LxWxH):
1400 x 800 x 480 cm
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