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Purchase of used cooling equipment

Comron International operates worldwide in the field of trade of used industrial cooling equipment. This concerns not only the sale of used cooling machines, but the purchase of such equipment is essential to the activities of our company. We have two big warehouses and workshops of aprox. 25.000 m² in Uithoorn, the Netherlands at our disposal where we keep a very large stock of various industrial cooling machines. Every machine is completely checked after purchase and prepared to be re-used. A large workshop with our own test room is available to make this possible.


It is vitally important to keep our stock of used cooling equipment at a good level. Therefore we want to receive from different branches of trade and industry as many offers as possibly of redundant or surplus freeze & cooling equipment, such as for example:

  • Water chillers
  • Compressors
  • Spiral freezers, tunnel freezers, IQF freezers, flow freezers, blast freezers, plate freezers & belt freezers
  • Evaporators, coolers
  • Condensers, dry coolers, cooling towers, evaporative condensers
  • Complete freeze- / cooling installations

Do you possess one or more of the above mentioned machines and you want to sell them, please fill in the below mentioned purchase form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the possibility to buy the equipment. In order to get a good idea of the equipment you offer, it is very important to supply us with as much information as you have, if possibly with photographs. A staff member of our company will contact you and together with you he shall make an inventory of the offered machines on location. After having reached an agreement on the purchase we will take care of the correct transport of your machines and materials to our warehouse. For certain major complete industrial plant installations our F-gas certified company is able to dismantle the equipment with a specialized team, including the removal of ammonia(NH3) or Freon.

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