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Company profile

Purchase and sale of used cooling equipment


Comron International is a market leader in Europe in the field of pre-owned cooling and freezing equipment. Our company engages in the purchase and sale of used industrial cooling and freezing equipment, both occasion and new. For example the following machines:

  • Complete factories in the food industry with all different food processing lines
  • Water chillers
  • Cooling compressors, condensing units
  • Evaporators, coolers, heat exchangers
  • Condensers, cooling towers, dry coolers
  • Ice machines - flake ice, block ice, fluid slurry ice
  • Complete freeze- and cooling installations
  • Spiral freezers, tunnel freezers, IQF freezers, flow freezers, blast freezers, plate freezers & belt freezers
  • Complete ammonia/freon pump, DX and CO2 installations
  • Freeze- and cold store installations

The majority of our machines is exported all over the world, a small part is sold to our customers in the Netherlands, mainly refrigeration companies.


Revision cooling machines and / or installations / green initiative

At the moment many still good functioning machines are being replaced, often because of the ever-changing new European legislation and regulations. These machines are usually written off and sold as scrap or sometimes stored for a long time at factories and refrigeration companies, which often causes negative environmental effects. Comron International takes care to re-use these machines by buying them first and then by dismantling them in a professional way with its own experienced team. Later on the machines are inspected very thoroughly, overhauled and put into working condition again by our own technicians who have all the required skills, such as doing the necessary repairs, overhauling, welding, paint spraying, assembling of a switch-board, testing in our own facilities, PLC programming etc.
Finally many of these redundant machines can start a second life after being sold at reasonable prices. In this way Comron makes a not negligible contribution to a better environment .


Project engineering / supervision

Furthermore, it is possible to combine various components to a complete installation and to sell it as a project. Comron has the expertise to offer the engineering as well as the technical solutions. Moreover, the making of drafts in Autocad and electric wiring diagrams in E-plan, programming of Siemens PLC, together with supervision and putting the complete installation into operation form a considerable part of the complete package.



Comron can be an interesting partner to many companies because of the substantial amount of machines in stock. In case of emergency we can deliver immediately the right compressor, evaporator, etc. direct from stock and a customer can be assisted with another machine for a very reasonable price. Whenever one of your clients is looking for a temporary solution, he can always call on us. Because of our long experience we can offer a well-founded advice and offer the right installation.


F-Gas certified company

Comron International is a F-Gas certified company and qualified to execute all installation and maintenance operations to all stationary or mobile cooling installations, as well as the removal of ammonia (NH3) / Freon.

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