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Water chillers / Ice water installations

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Description / remarks:  Used and in condition as new (only 6532 running hours): Grasso/GEA industrial air-cooled water/glycol chiller with accessories for outside placing. The air-cooled water chiller is built up with the following main components: Grasso/GEA industrial screw compressor type R5 with 280kW HR motor frequency controlled from 74kW to 740kW, air-cooled condenser V-model with a ∆T= 10K, a NH3 high pressure liquid tank, jacket pipe heat exchanger (shell & tube) for coolling of the glycol/water. Furthermore this chiller is equipped with a central electric switch panel with Siemens PLC type S7-300 (included internet connection). This chiller is also delivered with a glycol/water circulation pump 330m³/h manufactured by KSB 11kW, Siemens E-motor frequency controlled 74-740kW, all required PED certificates. Mentioned cooling capacity is at -5°C glycol outlet and -3°C inlet temperature.

Cooling capacity:
740 kW/218 tons
Type of refrigerant:
400 V
Absorbed power:
254 kW
Year of Manufacture:
Comron Used To Cool