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Water chillers / Ice water installations

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Description / remarks:  Used, water-cooled Carrier water chiller type 30 HXC 090-AO410-PEE. This chiller is in condition as new and equipped 2 pieces semi-hermetic Carrier screw compressors with 6 capacity steps, shell & tube water-cooled condenser, Pro-Dialog controller. Chiller works with the energy saving refrigerant R134a. Mentioned cooling capacity is at cool water inlet temperature of +12°C and at a water outlet temperature of +7°C. Chiller will be tested after sale in our test room and a full test report will be supplied with a 3 months guarantee.

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Cooling capacity:
312 kW/92 tons
Number of cooling circuits:
Type of refrigerant:
Amount of refrigerant / circuit:
33 kg
400 V
Absorbed power:
97 kW
Year of Manufacture:
Dimensions (LxWxH):
256 x 98 x 180 cm
Weight (kg):
2180 kg
Comron Used To Cool