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Complete cooling & freezing installations

IMG_1751-Vriespomp Installatie-1100kw.jpg
IMG_1751-Vriespomp Installatie-1100kw.jpg IMG_1752-Vriespomp Installatie-1100kw.jpg IMG_1770-Vriespomp Installatie-1100kw.jpg IMG_1736-Vriespomp Installatie-1100kw.jpg IMG_1766-Vriespomp Installatie-1100kw.jpg

Description / remarks: 

Used complete Mycom/Mayekawa/Baltimore industrial NH3 freezing-pump installation with only 1.800 operating hours per compressor. This industrial NH3 freezing-pump installation is composed of the following main components:

  • 3 pieces Mycom/Mayekawa N220 JL-V screw compressors, equipped with: oil separator, water/glycol oil cooler, oil pump, eco connection, Siemens 355kW E-motor IP55, Danfoss frequency controllers IP55. Capacity at -40°C/+35°C with eco/NH3/3600RPM is 366kW, swept volume 2210m3/h, Absorbed power approx. 231kW per screw compressor.
  • 1 piece Cabero dry cooler with regard to the oil cooling of the Mycom compressors 550kW
  • 1 piece Baltimore CXVE 643-1218-60L hybrid evaporating condenser, capacity at wet bulb temp. of +22°C and condensation temp. of +32°C is 2473kW.
  • 1 piece Pomar horizontal NH3 -10°C economiser/separator 525kW.
  • 1 piece new horizontal NH3 separator/vessel -40°C, 1000dm3, complete with 2 pieces WITT hermetic liquid pumps. 
  • Heat recovery installation on the NH3 side, consisting of 1 piece Vahterus heat exchanger / condenser type Q-plate 450kW with water in/out temp. of +13°C/+24°C coupled to the discharge line of the NHinstallation.
  • Alfa-Laval plate heat exchanger 225 kW at water inlet/outlet temp. of +18°C/+24°C coupled to the glycol line of the oil cooler.
  • Complete control-/switch cabinets with Siemens S7-300 PLC / Simatic touchscreen and frequency controllers.
  • NH3 detection system.
  • All necessary control stations / stop valves / relief devices / floats with brands such as Danfoss, Herl, Witt, pressure certificates, original books and electrical drawings.
  • Heat pump installation with a maximum outlet water temp. of 69°C, consists of 1 piece piston compressor package type N6HS frequency controlled with Siemens IP55 315kW E-motor, heating capacity is 1678kW (available at additional cost).

Cooling capacity:
1100 kW/324 tons
Type of refrigerant:
400 V
Absorbed power:
742 kW
Year of Manufacture:
Dimensions (LxWxH):
401 x 190 x 255 cm (compressor)
Weight (kg):
6.200 kg (compressor)
Comron Used To Cool