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Description / remarks:  Used and in condition as new: Alfa-Laval water-cooled condenser/plate type with a capacity of 517 kW. Design: Alfa-Laval plate exchanger, serial number 30106-48021, Alloy 316. Design conditions: S4 ammonia +75°C inlet S3 ammonia +27°C outlet, S2 water +18°C inlet S1 water +25°C outlet. Mass flow ammonia 1435 kg/h. Mass flow water 63460 kg/h. Pressure drop ammonia over the plate exchanger 1240 kpa contents 35 litres. Drop in pressure water over the plate exchanger 37.2 kpa contents 35,7 litres. This water-cooled condenser is supplied with all necessary certificates.

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Cooling capacity:
517 kW/152 tons
Type of refrigerant:
Year of Manufacture:
Dimensions (LxWxH):
(65) 42 x 47 x 111,5 cm
Weight (kg):
628 kg
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