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Among the customers of Comron International is an increasing demand for overhauled cooling equipment. Because we do not want to disappoint our customers and through further development of Comron as a professional company on the industrial refrigeration market, Comron offers since 2005 the complete overhaul of freeze/cooling installations. Comron overhauls for instance compressors, water chillers, spiral freezers, IQF tunnels, condensers, evaporators and more. For some time we dispose of very advanced laser shaft alignment equipment and special tools which enables us to overhaul not only piston compressors, but also screw compressors completely in our own facility. After each overhaul we supply a complete inspection report with photos. Of course we give 1 year warranty after revision. Upon request we offer the possibility to spray the complete compressor unit in a desired color in our own spray-paint room.

Measuring & Setting Rapport

Compressor Type: Grasso Y-6 s/n: Y0204/409471

Electromotor: 132 kW Unit: s/n: 6561


Result measuring before setting:

Result measuring after setting:

Measuring date: 13-05-2011 by R.D.
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