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Freeze / cold rooms and Freeze / cold room installations

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Description / remarks:  Used in very good maintained condition: complete Bitzer/Goedhart cool/freeze installation consisting of the following main components; 1 x Bitzer unit for outside use with built in 1 x Bitzer central unit with 4 pieces 6H 25.2Y compressors (capacity control 0-33%-66%-100%) with an oil flow-back system and oil floaters on the carters of the compressors. Separately is delivered a Profroid air-cooled condenser type C7AH 10 MD4-12 PS (528 kW at DT15 K) with 10 ventilators. Switchboard cabinet with the complete control system. Furthermore, this cool/freeze installation is equipped with 4 pieces Goedhart PLK evaporators 21 kW ∆T 8 at an evaporating temperature of -10°C and with 2 pieces Woods ventilators of each 0,83 kW and 6 pieces PLK evaporators 31,5 kW ∆ 8-10°C with 3 pieces ventilators of 0,83 kW each. Complete hotgas defrosting set. If desired we can can also supply these evaporators with electrical defrost. Mentioned cooling capacity is with the refrigerant R404 at -10°C evaporating and +40°C condensing. Freezing capacity at -30°C evaporating is 104 kW. Cooling capacity: At -10°C evaporating temperature 246 kW / at -30°C evaporating temperature 104 kW.

Cooling capacity:
246 kW/73 tons
Type of refrigerant:
Year of Manufacture:
Comron Used To Cool