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Freeze / cold rooms and Freeze / cold room installations

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Description / remarks: 

Used and in very good maintained condition (always maintained by GEA) storage freezing installation, brand Bitzer/Goedhart. This storage freezing installation will be composed of the following main components:

  • 1 piece Bitzer screw package type HSN 7471-75-40R
  • Bitzer screw package is equipped with oil separator, air-cooled oil cooler, closed intercooler for subcooling liquid coupled to the eco. compressor, Bitzer liquid tank of 180L
  • Suction manifold with suction filter
  • Manometer set low/high pressure with all necessary safety devices
  • Complete control box with Eliwell step controller
  • 5 pieces Goedhart VCI-B-82508EF freeze storage evaporators with electric defrost
  • Cabero air-cooled condenser type ACHSD099MB / 2L-26D, year of 2016

Mentioned cooling capacity is with the refrigerant R404a/R507 at -30°C /+40°C.

This installation is suitable for a deep-freeze storage of approx.. 4000m storage space with a storage temperature of -20°C. 

Cooling capacity:
83 kW/24 tons
Number of cooling circuits:
Type of refrigerant:
R404A/All Freon
Amount of refrigerant / circuit:
99 kg
400 V
Absorbed power:
60 kW
Year of Manufacture:
Comron Used To Cool