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Spiral- tunnel- IQF- flow- blast- plate & belt freezers

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Description / remarks:  Used and in good condition, Frigoscandia Flow Freezer model MX32, manufacture nr 240065, year of construction 1995, 3 x 380 V – 3 x 460 V 50/60 Hz 42 kW/67 kVA E-power, capacity on peas 1950 kg per hour (depending on product), refrigerant R717/Ammonia/Freon pump circulation, input temperature +15°C, output temperature -18°C. Frigoscandia Glazo Freezer model P4, year of construction 1995, 380 – 460 V 50/60 Hz, 3 Ph 9 kW/11.5 kVA E-power, 80 dB, weight 2000kg, capacity 1950kg peas per hour (depending on product), refrigerant R717/Ammonia/Freon pump circulation, input temperature +15°C, output temperature 0°C, belt width 900 mm, input height 1300 mm, output height 725 mm, dimensions of housing(LxWxH) 2230 mm x 3150 mm x 2020 mm. This Frigoscandia Flow Freezer and Glazo Freezer were used for bits of Kebab meat, but can be used for all vegetables and fruit products, shrimp. Extra information: The Glazo Freezer that is placed in line with the Flow Freezer works according to the following principle: the product that comes from the production line will be frozen partially on the outside before it will be distributed over the belt of the Freezer by the infeed shaker, it gives extra capacity in the Flow Freezer. The Glazo Freezer consists of an evaporating block with ventilator motor, infeed shaker. Cooling capacity Glazo Freezer approx. 35 kW. Flow freezer is equipped with plastic two-stage belt system (patented by Frigoscandia) which works as follows: two separate plastic belts run into the tunnel in line after each other with a pre-freeze section where the products are slightly frozen on the outside, then the products run to the after-freeze section(2nd belt) where the products are frozen into the core up to a minimum temperature of -18°C. Further, this flow freezer is equipped with met ADF (automatic defrost system for a longer continuous blast freeze process, max. 22 hour production), 1 piece galvanized cooler and stainless steal switch box. Flow freezer will be supplied with original floor, but it will be delivered without panels/housing. The flow freezer will be completely checked by Comron International after sale in case of mechanical/electrical defects. The gearboxes will be supplied with new oil, the evaporator blocks will be tested on nitrogen pressure and the flow freezer will be delivered with a 3 months guarantee on the main components.

Cooling capacity:
232 kW/68 tons
Type of refrigerant:
R717/Ammonia/Freon Pomp
380 / 460 V
Absorbed power:
56 kW
Year of Manufacture:
Dimensions (LxWxH):
380 x 470 x 370 cm
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